Read Texas Hold Em Rules and Begin Your Game

If you are a novice in poker games but want to play texas hold em this article will be useful for you. Of course, it is necessary to learn the rules and only then you will be able to enjoy texas hold em game just sitting in your armchair in front of the monitor. It is real today as everyone can play texas hold em online poker that is the easiest way to get enjoyment and even earn money. You can get no deposit bonus and try your hand in this amazing game for free. Poker is a kind of card games where players compete in the importance of their card combinations (hands). A winner of the game shows the best combination or stays alone with the bank and as a result gets it. There are many kinds of this game but texas hold em poker is the most famous and played all over the world in many online casinos. To play poker you should know the hierarchy of hands. Visit our new partners at for the best casino welcome bonuses, site reviews, and more.

Now several words about texas hold em rules. All players make their stakes clockwise. A person sitting next to the dealer begins the game. Two players on the left of the dealer make the smallest and the biggest stakes that are called “small blind” and “big blind”. Blind is an automatic stake that is made by players without looking at their cards. It allows players to compete for a good bank. After the cards are distributed a player on the left of the “big blind” acts first. “Big blind” is the last person who says his word. Every player can call, stake or fold. There are four rounds of staking in every game.

Here we will consider four main rounds of staking:

Preflop. Every player receives two cards in this round. Here you can call, raise or fold. The game continues until all the players make the same stakes. For example, if one player raises the stake all other participants of the round should call it or fold. As soon as this round is finished a dealer put “common cards” on the table.

Flop. Three common cards are shown to the players in this round. Players try to make combinations of their own and common cards. The round begins and here every player has an opportunity to say “check” and stay in the game without any raising. But it is possible only if all the participants choose the same option. But if one person makes raise all the other people should call or fold. Then the fourth card is put on the table. Turn. After the fourth card is shown a new round of trading begins. All the players can again check, call, raise or fold.

River. This round has the same rules as the previous one.

Showdown. If there are still two or more players after the fourth round of the game every player should show his or her cards. A player with the best combination based on the five cards wins the bank. After the showdown a dealer collects all the cards and position of “small blind” and “big blind” are moved to one place clockwise. The cards are mixed and a new game begins. If all players except one person fold on any of four rounds the only player with cards gets the bank and doesn’t have to show his cards.

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